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The Chopin Law Firm LLC: 50+ Years’ Collective Legal Experience

The Chopin Law Firm LLC is made up of a dynamic attorney team that is backed by more than five decades of legal experience in a breadth of practice areas. We are well-equipped to handle the legal circumstances that many businesses and corporations face in their daily activities. Our New Orleans business litigation attorneys have the knowledge and experience that is necessary to pursuing the best possible outcome on our clients’ behalf.

With years of experience, The Chopin Law Firm LLC is capable of representing our clients in a wide variety of business and commercial litigation claims. Call (504) 475-2429 to learn more about your legal options.

Capably Handling a Variety of Cases

Our firm never provides a one-size-fits-all solution for a client. With the understanding that every business and legal claim is different, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs and circumstances before coming up with a solution that achieves their goals.

We are able to effectively handle the following:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Collections/Open Account
  • Construction Disputes
  • Contract and Lease Disputes
  • Corporate Formation
  • Employment Matters

Whatever our clients face, our team has the knowledge and extensive resources to handle their needs. From contract disputes to employment matters, The Chopin Law Firm LLC will pursue the best possible outcome on your behalf and on behalf of your company.

What Are Three Ways to Settle a Dispute Out of Court?

Avoiding court—and the time, expense, and stress a trial brings—is a main concern of many business owners. Fortunately, there are several ways to settle various business and commercial disputes without ever having to step foot in the courtroom.

Depending on the specifics of your situation, you may be able to settle a dispute out of court in one of the following ways:

  • Negotiation: In some cases, it may be possible to resolve various business disputes through negotiation. During negotiation, your attorney will work with you and the opposing party/counsel in an attempt to reach a mutual agreement regarding the dispute. This can be successful when both sides are willing to compromise in order to reach an arrangement that they both can agree to.
  • Mediation: This form of alternative dispute resolution involves a neutral third party, the certified mediator, who facilitates a mutual agreement between the two parties. Mediators have specific training in the law and work to promote communication between the two sides and/or either side’s legal counsel. If a resolution is reached, the mediator will create a memorandum detailing the agreement. This will then be reviewed by either party (typically with their attorneys) before a legally binding agreement is made.
  • Arbitration: Of the available alternative dispute resolution options, arbitration is the most like trial. In arbitration, a neutral third party known as the arbitrator hears either side’s position in much the same way that a judge would at trial. After hearing both sides, the arbitrator will provide a legally binding decision. Prior to arbitration, both parties must agree to follow the arbitrator’s decision, whatever it may be.

Our attorneys can help you explore various alternative dispute resolution options and work to avoid litigation. We understand that this is an important concern for businesses and are prepared to help you understand all of your unique options as they pertain specifically to your situation.

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The New Orleans commercial litigation attorneys at The Chopin Law Firm LLC are backed by years of experience. They have been recognized for their ethical, diligent approach to law, even obtaining an AV® rating from Martindale-Hubbell®. Because the firm is passionate about putting clients first, all calls go directly to our attorneys. This means you will never be passed off to a receptionist or automated answering service – you are the priority.

Learn more about your case by contacting The Chopin Law Firm LLC today! We are proud to aggressively represent the rights of business owners throughout the region!

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